UHANS A101 Specs and Images Revealed – 5 Inch 2.5D Glass Display, MTK6737, and Android 6.0


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  1. moha30 says:

    The price is fantastic.worth the experience

    • George says:

      Indeed, the price UHANS A101 is fantastic. If we take into account its potential and attractiveness, you realize that this is stated correctly.

  2. Timur says:

    UHANS A101 smartphone has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels provides a clear, detailed picture. You look and you get positive emotions. The price of this smartphone is currently $ 59.99. It is worth the money.

    • Somin says:

      Thanks for the useful information. UHANS A101 is one of the best budget smartphone, although it does have something to improve.

  3. Ritos says:

    UHANS A101 with its specifications and installed software has become popular among novice smartphone users.

    • Gryshin says:

      Already there is a new firmware for UHANS A101, built on the basis of Android 7.1.1 Nougat. Familiar installed on the smartphone. Productivity increased significantly.

  4. Samanta says:

    Camcorder UHANS A101 is quite good quality of photos provides. And at the price of the smartphone is clearly in pole position in comparison with their peers.

    • Ameds says:

      For many technical parameters smartphone good as some others. But the price UHANS A101 is the lowest, and operational reliability – high.

  5. Lukis says:

    UHANS A101 supports not only the 4G network, and handles 10 to the touch screen. For a smartphone in this price segment is not bad.

  6. Ulrich says:

    UHANS A101 is a reliable module, it works correctly. Memory should be increased.

  7. algerdus says:

    Now I can say with confidence that UHANS A101 is the most successful budget model of this campaign. I have it for almost a year now. The reviews are very kind. I have no comments and complaints against him.

    • Len Filre says:

      I can only confirm your words. My UHANS A101 has never upset me. I am pleased with his screen. The picture is quite clear, the details are scanned well. Levels of brightness and contrast do not cause negative emotions. The colors are juicy and saturated.

  8. Gubicz says:

    Good news that will interest many. Wholesale online hypermarket AliExpress from March 21 to 30, 2017, holds a large sale of smartphones produced by UHANS, dedicated to the 7th anniversary of this electronic trading platform. More information about the sale of A101 & A101S can be found at https://goo.gl/iH8vZL.

  9. Egor Basov says:

    UHANS A101 is a budget model. He showed himself well. He is very reliable in his work. But soon he will be replaced by UHANS A6. Inexpensive, functional and with a larger display. Powerful and elegant.

    • Borzenis says:

      Buyers hope that UHANS A6 will also be inexpensive and functional. A great display will appeal to fans of games and movies.

  10. Broun Kul says:

    The manufacturer has already announced that the UHANS A6 is replacing the A101S. Budget, functional, with a 5.5 “display at a color depth of 24 bi.Powerful and elegant.It will embody the best qualities of UHANS A101 and UHANS A101S.In addition, it has a fingerprint scanner.

    • Ignasen says:

      The most reliable, powerful enough and at the same first budget smartphone UHANS A101 it will remain the first for people familiar with it.

    • Ignat Senczuk says:

      A few days ago I read very interesting information on the Internet. The beginning of sales of UHANS A6 is planned by the company on May 10, 2017. Many people are interested in this smartphone.

  11. Denis Svetlov says:

    On the Internet, I often have to find the necessary information very often. My UHANS A101 with its support of 4G in many situations just helps me out.

    • Ignat Senczuk says:

      Not every budget smartphone can be compared with UHANS A101. On the Internet with him it’s nice to find the information you need.

  12. Egor Kovalkov says:

    Not every budget smartphone can provide work in 4G networks. UHANS A101 handles this task well. I can confirm this from my practice.

    • Ruslan Kornev says:

      Now we have a 4G network, the speed of the Internet has grown significantly. It’s nice that UHANS A101 has such a sought-after function.

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