Uhans U300 Released With 4GB RAM, Body Inspired by Mercedes-Benz

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  1. Moriso says:

    At the moment it is safe to say that a good enough model U300 Uhans for its class. Metal frame chassis, genuine leather, good technical parameters-excellent screen, pretty solid processor, lots of memory, very large battery capacity, protection against water and dust to IP65 standard only increase its rating

    • Czarl Ke says:

      Original design UHANS U300 pleases the eye of the user as well as the appearance of car Mercedes-Benz. To create an attractive design used original materials: genuine Italian leather and durable high quality titanium alloys. Hand work on assembling a smartphone — this novelty is clearly worthy of special attention.

      • Tomel says:

        UHANS U300 has a unique design, developed by the designer of concern Mercedes-Benz and is characterized by its manufacturer as “Vertu-style”. I have the intention to buy his wife a gift.

        • German says:

          Really was very original, eye-catching design. But technical stuffing UHANS U300 is also very good. All this smartphone buyers expect it to be sent.

    • Daniel says:

      No matter how much I read reviews and comments, all the good things written about this smartphone. But it may not be to be so. Himself ordered, and now worry whether a mistake?

    • Alera Fub says:

      I agree with you. UHANS U300 is currently one of the best smartphones for its price segment. Its appearance attracts the attention of so many people.

  2. Charles Basil says:

    Uhans U300 amazingly unique body design with great features like a Huge and fastest processor RAM and ROM Big FHD screen, professional camera with dual flash, great 4750mAH battery, secure fingerprint sensor, IP65, and Android 6.0.
    Unique look with the combination of great features make it greatest than other.

    • Brams says:

      Let me complement. Sidewall and chassis UHANS U300 made of titanium alloy, rear panel, on which is engraved the developer’s logo covered in Italian leather, and protects the display glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. ARM Mali graphics accelerator-T860 MP2 is clocked at 520 MHz. Smart phone supports dual SIM, works with 4 g LTE. Has two cameras: the main Mp 13 (the sensor from Panasonic) with dual Flash and front facing 5 Mp camera with Flash. Operates smartphone running the Android operating system 6.0.1 Marshmallow. The presence of Goodix-fingerprint scanner and advanced acoustic system, which involved audiotrakte platform NXP Smart Audio significantly increase its ranking. The Smartphone supports fast charging MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0. According to experts the battery capacity mAh 4750 lets you use your Smartphone for 4 days with normal use, intensive-2.5 days, it can play video for 12 hours, and in standby mode, it may be located 14.5 days.

      • Hartman says:

        Indeed, the very productive platform smartphone UHANS U300, whose power would be enough for the toys, programs and other entertainment products. A look devaysa charmed many.

    • Furbin says:

      UHANS U300 has a very serious specification and great features. His design is admired by so many people. A powerful rechargeable battery provides him with long-term autonomy.

  3. Robert says:

    Uhans u300 is the perfect smartphone. It not only looks unique, but also has good performance characteristics. It provided a good processor and a large amount of RAM. He also protected against moisture and dust to ip65 standard.

    • Ameds says:

      Recently it became known that UHANS U300 – wonderful “smart” phone with great design is already enrolled in the presales. Final price $199.99. Currently, the manufacturer has an active preparatory work for the success of the pre-sale of the company.

  4. Nils says:

    UHANS U300 has original diizajn, cover of “under the skin” back cover, made by hand makes only enhances the attractiveness of this Smartphone, and powerful internal technical filling and broad functionality make it a real leader. Thanks to the processor, 4 GB of RAM MT6750T Mediatek and videochipu Mali T860MP2 watch movies and play video games. The battery capacity of 4750 mAh fast charge enabled allows you to enjoy them for a long time. The presence of a fingerprint scanner and advanced speaker system greatly improve its rating. In addition, the smartphone is equipped with protection against water and dust to IP65 standard.

    • Fonse says:

      I agree with you. UHANS U300 has an attractive design, powerful technical stuffing and functionality. This caught my attention and motivated to buy it.

  5. Jack Hill says:

    Very nice appearance. UHANS U300 looks great. This is all due to the fact that its appearance is designed by designer of Mercedes-Benz. In addition, it has a large battery capacity.

    • Nil says:

      Recently read about exciting promotions, which holds up to February 1, 2017 UHANS company. Much is made of the proposals. Details on the official site

  6. Tom Munderi says:

    Having the ability to do UHANS U300 4G LTE Cat-6 networks and fashionable nowadays, fingerprint scanner, support for two SIM-cards, high-capacity battery and fast charging technology support MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0 enhances its competitive opportunities. Hand work on assembling a Smartphone — this novelty is clearly worthy of special attention.

    • Hartman says:

      After becoming acquainted with information materials on the sites UHANS U300 I was interested in its original design, technical capabilities and capacity of the battery. I ordered it. Now I wait and I think that’s all about than read, is embodied in this device. Sending this smartphone users start February 10 – 14, 2017.

  7. Fons says:

    UHANS U300 has strong stuffing and software, protection against water and dust to IP65 standards. Hi-fi sound processor with NXP Smart, the presence of a fingerprint scanner, a display with Full HD resolution and a protective Glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4 provide him a leading position.

    • Karel says:

      All that we know well about UHANS U300 is the fact that he has an original appearance. Everything else we learn on their own when the device will hold. Wait is quite small. One hopes that the promise of a decent producer will be implemented in this smartphone.

  8. James says:

    This smartphone looks great. Its design is unique. He also has a large battery capacity and a good processor. Degree of protection against water and dust ip 65. This is a very good smartphone with an excellent specification.

    • George says:

      In UHANS U300 accumulated the highest quality hardware and software Comp. Smartphone (while in theory!) Turned out great. Let’s wait quite a bit and appreciate it in practice.

    • Zofia says:

      UHANS U300 really looks good. Its design is unique, and the hardware and software components of a very high level. Soon, his own dignity, we will be able to appreciate.

  9. Hugo says:

    Uhans U300 is a very stylish smartphone. His appearance emphasizes its individuality. His design was engaged in one of the company’s Mercedes. As it consists of filling MT6750T processor 64-bit and 4 GB of RAM.

    • Leris says:

      Correctly observed: smartphone stylish and very powerful. He clearly surpasses competitors in its class. I really like and I’ll buy it myself.

  10. Bosket says:

    Uhans U300 has an attractive design, covering “under the skin” back cover is astounding, inner technical filling and its functionality is able to meet any user’s request. I am waiting with impatience when they already will be send to buyers. Want to be among the first!

    • George says:

      Attractive design UHANS U300, covering “under the skin” the back cover of the smartphone, a powerful internal technical content and software tightly competitors in the market. I’m waiting for enough posting with your smartphone.

  11. Pedro says:

    Uhans U300 gorgeous smartphone. He looks great. He also has good specification. Well egotsena $ 220 fully justified.

    • Arnoles says:

      Indeed UHANS U300 has a great design and a lot of other advantages. And quite optimal price products attracted great customer interest in this smartphone. Personally, I’m concerned about how it will manifest itself in practice?

  12. Charles Basil says:

    Great News
    Pre-Sale of Uhans U300 start now on your favorite online stores.
    I ordered one from Gearbest
    limited offer, hurry up.

    • Hartman says:

      Most festive event, which the company conducts UHANS before 1 February 2017 provides for the sale UHANS A101, UHANS A101s, UHANS U100, UHANS U300 and UHANS H5000 at discounted prices. As part of this action on the trading floor GearBest UHANS U300 can be purchased for only $ 199.99. Fixed price sales of its $ 219.99. Sending this smartphone buyers will begin between Feb 9 – Feb 13.

  13. Antonio says:

    Smartphone UHANS U300 like me and many of my friends. It has an original appearance, technical specifications, as well as a fingerprint scanner. Has reliable protection against water and dust, not afraid to mechanical influences. I am very glad that this smartphone can already do a pre-order and the price is $199.99 from him. I and my friends have already managed to do it.

    • ShanVas says:

      Add a little. Sending smartphones UHANS U300 buyers will begin 3-7 February. February 1, 2017 before it carries out the action on the sale of smartphones. Flash Sale Price for UHANS U300 $199.99

  14. Algerd says:

    Wonderful smartphone UHANS U300 already in pre-sales and sold at the price of $199.99. Many fans of this smartphone excited this event and have already placed their pre-orders. Electronic platforms for this, each is free to choose for himself. I and my friends also have already done this and you need to hurry.

  15. Fedor says:

    Uhans U300 is now available for pre-order. It has a price of $ 199. It is an adequate price for a smartphone with such parameters.

    • ShanVas says:

      At the very beginning of the action myself booked on the trading floor GearBest smartphone UHANS U300. But going to the merchant’s website now I see that he regularly changes the timing of sending the smartphone to its customers. That’s what I do not quite understand why he does it?

  16. Adel says:

    Yes, he’s already in pre-sales. I’m waiting for a parcel. The excitement of the present. Whether the device that is presented on Web pages and videos

    • Hartman says:

      UHANS U300 smartphone with a great design and great functionality in the marketplace GearBest promise to start sending customers until February 13th.

  17. Fedor says:

    Thanks to high-capacity battery, this smartphone will be able to work for several days without recharging. Nowadays, it is quite rare. Well, of course, a simple design of this device is unique.

  18. Michael says:

    Now when it is known what will be Uhans U300 smart phone, you can say that this is a great machine. First of all it has a good battery capacity of 4750 mAh. This will allow him to work for a long time without recharging. Secondly, it has enough memory, and you can almost watch movies. And of course he has unialny design, which was developed by designers Mercedes.

    • Bremol says:

      UHANS U300 has a 5.5-inch IPS-OGS-panel Full HD and large battery capacity, protection against water and dust to IP65 standard. Movies on this smartphone to watch a lot of fun.

  19. Michael says:

    I would not say that it is made in the style of Vertu. They are very different in my opinion, and the design of the U300 your original. Filling too normal for everyday use. The toys of course especially will not play at maximum settings, but it is for this purpose and not intended.

    • Karel says:

      UHANS U300 is made really very original. Its attractive appearance, high capacity and greater functionality Battery bribe so many.

  20. Mihailoff says:

    The smartphone is designed as a device with a premium appearance. It is equipped with 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal. As the battery capacity is 4750 mAh.

    • Ulrich says:

      Indeed, 4GB RAM and MediaTek MT6750 processor provide UHANS U300 with quite a high performance. A capacious battery will allow it to be used for a long time without recharging.

  21. Mihailoff says:

    This smart phone looks very stylish and premium, in my opinion. Apparently from the participation of the designers of the company in the development of Mercedes. But also the hardware device is good. The battery is a high capacity, a lot of memory.

    • Kunas says:

      UHANS U300 is truly one of the best models in 2017. It organically combines both a hardware stuffing and software. About it speaks even that began to convict the company of plagiarism. It is ridiculous!

  22. Michael says:

    Uhans U300 I liked its design in the first place. As its performance parameters are balanced enough that show good results when working with applications. In general, I like it.

  23. Pedro says:

    A great smartphone, judging by the specs will be. And the price he is quite acceptable for a filling. Personally, I like it.

  24. Robert Hart says:

    Very stylish smartphone. However, not only this, it is highlighted among others. It is equipped with high-capacity battery that will allow him to work for a long time without recharging. Well, he just memory dofiga.

  25. Timur says:

    I want to share with you the good news. UHANS Company holds a festive action, in which up to 17 February 2017 UHANS U300 can be purchased for $ 179.99. I take this opportunity and my son. If you are interested, the information can be found at an online store https://goo.gl/48He.

    • Ameds says:

      Many sites can be found that UHANS U300 has an original design, good technical stuffing and sufficiently capacious battery. And they sell this smartphone with a big discount.

  26. Elvira says:

    Timur, thank you for the valuable information. Looking at the site an online store you need to know about the smartphone I decided that it would be the best gift for my sister’s birthday. I believe that the price is more than reasonable for such a serious device.

  27. Michael says:

    Looks Uhans U300 nice and presentable. Leather back cover, titanium frames. Something like turning, but at the same time felt a certain style. The smartphone has a large capacity battery, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

    • Remus says:

      UHANS U300 is very nicely presented on web pages and videos. For its unique design and functionality, I bought it myself. I think that the right thing.

  28. Michael says:

    Titanium frame should be good to protect it from mechanical damage. At least definitely better plastic. It looks good, and the performance is all right. The top toy can run, albeit not at the maximum setting.

  29. Pedro says:

    Titanium body and frame around the screen would be a good idea to protect your smartphone when falling and hitting, I think. As well that there is protection from moisture.

  30. Pedro says:

    Uhans U300 is an excellent device that has a reasonable price and of course the well-balanced performance. He also bytyreey equipped with large capacity, allowing it to work more than two days without recharging.

  31. Lukis says:

    Many admired features UHANS U300. And it is a natural assessment of this smartphone. There is every reason to assume that this smartphone will be a real sales hit in 2017.

  32. Gryshin says:

    UHANS U300 has 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, and processor MediaTek MT6750, which provide him a significant consumer demand. And the presence of a fingerprint scanner assigns it to smartphones preimium class.

  33. Jack Hill says:

    Wow. This smartphone really stands out for its design, among others. But not only this it attracts attention. It is also equipped with a capacious battery, which will run for several days without recharging. To me he is cute, and maybe I’ll order it.

  34. Michael says:

    I hope that this smartphone will make the best impression. Because it is described as an excellent device with good autonomy, a large amount of memory and good protection.

    • Kornel says:

      If everything turns out to be the same as in the description of UHANS U300, then it will be very good in its price segment. Let’s wait, he’ll be in my hands soon.

  35. Robert Hart says:

    Uhans U300 is a device that attracts attention with its design. In its body is used genuine leather and titanium alloy. Very stylish and beautiful looks. In addition, the performance is quite normal.

  36. Harry says:

    Yes, he does not look like a werewolf. Can only if their materials, but it’s not all. So there is the concept, the direction of the lines and stuff, and here they are completely different. Although what a smartphone is compared to vertically says about its premium appearance.

  37. Edward Daniel says:

    A good smartphone with a brutal appearance. It is perfect for people who want to stand out from the rest. In addition, the performance of this model is all right.

  38. Michael says:

    By the way, the smartphone itself is interesting primarily for its design. Not often you will see something that is different from the majority.

    • Demis Pul says:

      Indeed, according to many experts UHANS U300 has a very original design and consumer qualities for its price segment. But how will it really be?

  39. Robert Hart says:

    The smartphone is interesting. And the battery is capacious, and the design is interesting. He would have a more powerful processor, and then there would not be any price at all.

  40. Edward Daniel says:

    He looks good due to the fact that his design was engaged in one of the designers of the company Mercedes. Therefore, the body is made of metal, glass and leather. It reminds cars of something. Well, by itself it is equipped with an excellent battery. Almost 5000 mAh.

  41. Michael says:

    Look Uhans U300 beautiful and presentable. Leather back cover, titanium frames. Something reminds a vertical, but at the same time one feels his own style. The smartphone has a battery of high capacity, 4GB of operating and 32 GB of internal memory.

  42. Gubicz says:

    Good news, which he recently learned himself. The wholesale Internet hypermarket of AliExpress from March 21 to 30, 2017, conducts a large sale of smartphones produced by UHANS, dedicated to the 7th anniversary of this electronic trading platform. More information about the sale of UHANS U300 can be found at https://goo.gl/T9Ejaq.

    • Igor Setron says:

      A good promotion, which provides an opportunity to buy the right things at reduced prices. I chose the Uhans U300.

  43. Edward Daniel says:

    UHANS U300 has a design, designed by Mercedes designers. This immediately stands out, because its side frames are made of titanium, the back cover is covered with leather.

  44. Robert Hart says:

    The design is really interesting. Feels something from the Mercedes. Maybe because the materials are metal, glass and leather. And in general, the smartphone is not bad, performance for daily work is enough.

  45. Harry says:

    Uhans U300 is a smartphone that you can safely take along on the road. He will be able to work for a long time without recharging, and entertain with games, videos or even movies recorded on him, because he has a large amount of memory.

  46. Hugo says:

    Of course, the design of the new smartphone from the company Uhans is amazing. But just do not forget about the good security of the smartphone U300. It is not afraid of jets of water, and completely protected from dust by the standard ip65.

  47. Pedro says:

    Cool smartphone, I like it with its design. A good camera and display allow you to enjoy a quality picture whether it’s graphics, or snapshots from the camera. The battery is simply phenomenal, very capacious and with a quick charge function.

    • Ignat Senczuk says:

      UHANS U300 for a long time will delight people. He has a lot of advantages. I use it for a while not for long, but I’m very pleased with it.

  48. Bring Kunbied says:

    UHANS U300 attracted my attention with its unusual design. Now I’m happy about its functionality and quality of work. Communication keeps very well and the Internet does not disappear.

  49. Edward Daniel says:

    I most of all like this model from novelties. It has an acceptable price, but it bypasses competitors by parameters unambiguously. And the battery has a capacious, and a lot of memory. I like.

    • Richard Sin says:

      I have the same opinion. I use my UHANS U300 for about a month. The design, user interface cause only positive emotions, pleasant in work. Specification of smartphones is quite strong and I’m quite happy. I am very glad to see him.

  50. Denis Svetlov says:

    UHANS U300 with a 4750mAh rechargeable battery is a powerful device.

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